All of our experienced mortgage professionals are registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Each has a unique identifier, which signifies their active registration as licensed mortgage loan originators (MLOs). A complete listing of all of our registered mortgage loan originators and their identifier numbers is below.  

United Community Banks' Registered NMLS Professionals

Tom Arnsman 1869776 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Katheryn Best 1011429 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Daniel Borrowman 673069 United Community Bank Pittsfield
Stacey Boualavong 673070 United Community Bank Chatham
Leslie Brown 903221 United Community Bank Carlinville
Sharon Cicirello 1084898 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Bonnie Coleman 543310 Liberty Bank Bethalto
Susan Crider 1162224 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Kathleen Davis 2174467 United Community Bank Pittsfield
Samantha Dawson 1919182 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Jason Doering 2058267 United Community Bank Chatham
David J. Drennan 673077 United Community Bank Springfield
Jeff Duncan 723164 United Community Bank Winchester
Susan Eddington 730319 Marine Bank & Trust Augusta
Trevor Engelke 1611609 United Community Bank Pawnee
Lynn Fisher 730320 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Kimberly Flesher 673079 United Community Bank Springfield
Sandra Folkerts 730321 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Colby Ford 1873542 United Community Bank Springfield
Robert Fulscher 1710075 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Tara Gerl 1792257 United Community Bank Springfield
Patrick Gettleman 487975 United Community Bank Lincoln
Garry Gibbs 730322 Marine Bank & Trust Hamilton
Jessica Glascock 2064763 Mercantile Bank Palmyra, MO
Billie Grawe 641382 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Erika Guymon 1248639 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Rick Halter 1869775 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Jeff Haskell 737246 United Community Bank Roodhouse
Douglas Hemberger 2086297 United Community Bank Auburn
Matthew Herbst 673082 United Community Bank Springfield
Chase Hildebrand 2177401 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Richlyn Hoener 2031623 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Chelsea Holtzman 1889633 United Community Bank Bunker Hill
Gabriel House 902844 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Kelli Howard 1701863 United Community Bank Auburn
Grant Huber 1276006 Farmers State Bank of Camp Point Camp Point
Hannah Hultz 1816794 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Sharon Jackson 1873544 Liberty Bank Godfrey
Fred Jessup 673084 United Community Bank Pawnee
Amber Kasa 1492114 United Community Bank Springfield
Troy Kemp 1869777 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Linda M. Klein 506411 United Community Bank Springfield
Cheryl Klingele 1220554 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Alice Klingele 1919183 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Cicily Knowles 755032 Marine Bank & Trust Hamilton
Nicole Konrad 1654256 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Matthew Kotzamanis 556097 Liberty Bank Alton
Philip Krupps 684770 Brown County State Bank Mt. Sterling
Megan Laughlin 1084906 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
James Lauwerens 673085 United Community Bank Chatham
Gayle Layer 1873543 Liberty Bank Godfrey
Tina Liesen 1998534 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Candy Lovelace 673087 United Community Bank Springfield
Beth Lubbert 1869774 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Rhonda Maddox 588551 United Community Bank Hudson
Ashley Mason 2073097 United Community Bank Macomb
Amanda Maxwell 2036846 Marine Bank & Trust Hamilton
Karen McVickers 1710077 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Karla Metz 1193447 Brown County State Bank Mt. Sterling
Alicia M. Miller 854451 United Community Bank Gillespie
Shelley Miller 402884 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Jennifer Norfolk 1995218 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Stephen Otten 673091 United Community Bank Springfield
Alex Palmer 2039311 United Community Bank Springfield
Timothy Parrish 794926 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Carrie Pedigo 1773388 United Community Bank Macomb
James Peters 574339 United Community Bank Springfield
Paula Phillips 574340 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Julie Plattner 673093 United Community Bank Pittsfield
Jenna C. Rosentreter 673089 United Community Bank Carlinville
Brian Royalty 505553 Farmers State Bank of Camp Point Camp Point
Jake Saladino 673094 United Community Bank Springfield
Duane Schaefer 918807 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Amy Schultz 1505245 Liberty Bank Bethalto
Matthew Seman 506414 United Community Bank Springfield
Mary Sexton 673096 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Shelly Shawgo 1652551 United Community Bank Springfield
Adam Shotts 673098 United Community Bank Pawnee
Bradley A. Smith 673099 United Community Bank Pawnee
Jayson D. Smith 506417 United Community Bank Springfield
Diane Smith 792201 Mercantile Bank Palmyra, MO
Lori Smith 1837112 United Community Bank Gillespie
Jasen D. Smith 1023097 United Community Bank Sherman
Jeffrey Stolleis 1701864 United Community Bank Auburn
Kathy Tappe 1124833 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Thomas Troute 684775 Golden State Bank Golden
Mark Tyrpin 1125862 Mercantile Bank Quincy
Trisha Vass 2036845 Marine Bank & Trust Carthage
Avery Wade 1422330 United Community Bank Pittsfield
Donald Wall 673101 United Community Bank Bunker Hill
Kelly Walsh 1605951 United Community Bank Chatham
Robert Walters 1710074 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Stephanie Washko 673102 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Matthew Waters 611658 Liberty Bank Alton
Deon Weston 673106 Community Banc Mortgage Corp. Springfield
Diane E. Williams 619030 United Community Bank Greenfield
Todd J. Wood 863377 United Community Bank Springfield

United Community Bank NMLS ID: 571147     

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) requires bank mortgage loan originators and their employing institutions to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry. To learn more and to access a complete database of all NMLS registered lenders, please visit: