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Auto-Financing Calculator

Calculating your monthly payment has never been easier. Just fill in a few fields, using the "Tab" key on your keyboard to move from field to field. You can click on the "Choose" buttons in the rates/terms chart below to select Annual Percentage Rates and Terms or enter your own rates and terms to see how they affect the estimated monthly payment.

NOTE: This form is to be used for estimation purpose only; consult a BCSB auto loan expert for actual values.


NOTE: Click on Choose buttons for more accurate estimates.


Year of Vehicle Term APR
2019 - 2017 36 months 4.00%
48 months 4.25%
60 months 4.35%
72 months 4.75%
2016 - 2015 36 months 4.75%
48 months 5.00%
60 months 5.25%
2014 - 2013 36 months 6.00%
48 months 6.00%
2012 - 2011 36 months 6.60%


* These Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and terms are for estimation purposes only. Your actual rate may vary and will be based upon your credit score from a credit reporting agency. The Annual Percentage Rates and Terms were updated as of April 17, 2019. These rates and terms are subject to change without notice.