Important Updates for Our Valued Customers

Your United Community Banks Remain Available to Serve You!

In these unusual and uncertain times, your United Community Banks remain open and able to serve all your financial needs. 

We are designated as an "essential business" and are here for you in our locations through our drive-ups, by phone, by appointment when needed, and digitally via online and mobile banking.   In addition, our ATMs and your debit and credit cards are ready when you need to access cash and to make purchases.  Please visit our Locations & Hours to keep up to date on all of our locations’ drive-up hours and availability.

Our lenders and bankers are ready to assist you with your personal and business financing needs and concerns. From taking advantage of mortgage rates, which are currently at historic lows, to working with you if you have reduced or lost wages or your business has been impacted, we have a number of responsive solutions and special programs available to help you navigate this unprecedented situation and protect your financial well-being.

Furthermore, we want to remind you that your deposits are safe, secure, and FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor, and we have a variety of ways we can work with you to increase this even more.  No depositor has ever lost a penny of their FDIC-insured funds since the FDIC was created in 1933, and we encourage you not to put yourself or your family at risk of theft or loss of FDIC insurance by withdrawing more cash than you need for your everyday purchases.

We also want to remind you to be cautious of scams and fraudsters looking to take advantage of this situation.  Your Bank and any reputable institution, business, and organization will not ask you for information we already have in an unsolicited manner.  Do not respond to any unsolicited emails, phone calls, or letters that ask for your sensitive personal financial or health information. If you receive a communication you are unsure of, contact the sender or caller you believe it to be from at a number or a website you know to be legitimate.

Below and at right are a variety of quick resource links for your easy reference.  These include highlights of our non-contact services, FDIC resources, and tips to help protect you from scams as well as direct links to the latest CDC information.

Thank you for trusting us to be your bank!  We are deeply committed to you and our communities and are on standby to help you in any way we can.  We are all in this together and extend our best wishes that you and your family remain Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

In light of the growing concerns surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to do our part to help limit its transmission, beginning Tuesday, March 17, our banks' lobbies will be closed to walk-in visitors.  However, we are operating our Drive-Up lanes with their normal hours.  For all your other banking needs, we are here for you!  Please call to schedule an appointment.

We also want to assure you that we have extensive and detailed business continuity plans in place to make sure that we continue to provide you with all essential banking services. United Community Bank is Safe, Sound & FDIC Insured!

We annually review and periodically test our plans and procedures, which address a wide variety of situations that could impact our communities, facilities, customers, and employees. These plans include our response to potential natural and man-made disasters as well as pandemics and epidemics, which addresses the spread of contagious diseases.  

In all circumstances, our priorities are to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees. We are prepared to quickly implement our plans, procedures, and back-ups necessary to maintain or quickly restore all essential services in order to provide you with the access you need to your money, your accounts, and your financial information.

United Community Bank is monitoring conditions as well as all federal, state, and local health guidance related to the COVID-19 situation, and we are fully prepared to activate our plans and procedures in the event they are needed. However, in the meantime:

  • All of our branches with drive-up services are currently operating with normal drive-up business hours.
  • Our Online and Mobile banking services are accessible from the safety and comfort of your home and workplace. While always convenient, these services also allow you to minimize your person-to-person contact while still checking your balances, transferring funds, making deposits, reviewing statements, paying bills, transferring money to family and friends, and more. In addition, we are temporarily waiving mobile deposit fees.
  • We have an extensive ATM network available. You have free access to cash from your deposit accounts by using your Debit, ATM, and credit cards at any of our 60 ATMs in 33 communities.  We also waive foreign transaction fees that are charged to you when using another bank’s ATM; however, those ATM owners may assess their own fees.
  • We have increased the cleaning and sanitization of our facilities, our employees are being vigilant about frequent hand washing, and they have been instructed to stay home and to contact their healthcare provider if they feel ill.
  • Your bankers and lenders are just a phone call away. Please call your local branch with any questions or assistance you may require. Visit our Location & Hours Finder for a complete list of all locations, phone numbers, and ATMs.

Thank you for banking with us! If necessary, we will provide you with additional updates and information related to any changes or recommendations should the COVID-19 virus impact our communities. 

For additional resources on COVID-19, including tips to keep yourself, and your family healthy, please visit the following websites: