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Recognizing AI Voice Scams

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become increasingly more popular among individuals and businesses looking to simplify methods of operation and automate repetitive tasks. There are many positives that the rise of AI brings to society, such as: advancements in healthcare, improvements in research and data analysis and increasing business efficiency. However, criminals have also found ways to weaponize this technology to conduct scams such as voice impersonations.

What are AI Voice Scams?

AI voice scams are created and utilized by criminals using AI software programs that mimic or impersonate someone else’s voice. Often with the intention of stealing personal/financial information, criminals develop this impression by stealing a sample of another person’s voice (usually found online via social media) and uploading it into the AI software program. The software then allows the criminal to manipulate the sampled voice to say anything that they desire.

Criminals will then use this voice manipulation to create fake audio recordings pretending to be a victim’s family member/loved one. Usually, the criminals will try to trick their victim into thinking that their loved one is in urgent danger or is in dire need of financial assistance. They may also attempt to impersonate someone the victim might trust with personal or sensitive information, such as a family member or financial representative.

How to prevent AI Voice Scam attacks

  • Hang up the phone and call the party back if you believe anything to be suspicious about the call
  • Ask the caller specific questions that only the person calling would know the answer to
  • Utilize identity monitoring services to determine if your personal information had been previously exposed in a data breach
  • Set all social media accounts to private and, if possible, limit the amount of content in which your voice may be stolen
  • Protect your social media accounts with strong and unique passwords
  • Establish a safe word among your loved ones and business associates if they ever legitimately need urgent help