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Where Does Money Come From

The importance of teaching your children financial management skills

From the moment they are born, we strive to teach our children the lessons that will prepare them for a healthy, happy adulthood.  As parents, one of our strongest instincts is to try to spare our children from learning lessons the hard way.  Whether it is pulling a curious toddler back from a certain fall or lecturing a teenager about the perils of drinking and driving, these parental responsibilities come naturally.

But how well do we prepare our children to take care of themselves financially?  Many young people today are in financial jeopardy before they even graduate college, which is then topped by the often heavy burdens of student loan debt after graduation.

Financial trouble at such a young age can have far reaching consequences, making it difficult to buy a home or even get a job, as many prospective employers review applicants’ credit histories

The good news is that research shows that as little as ten hours of personal financial education have been shown to positively impact financial habits, and parents are the primary source for this education, with 94% of youth reporting that their financial knowledge comes from home.

Even better…we can help!  We have many resources and tools available to help make teaching your kids about money easy, practical, and even fun.  We offer youth savings accounts and student checking accounts specifically designed, with no monthly fees, to help introduce your youngsters to the responsibilities and rewards of owning a bank account.  In addition, we also have many educational resources available to share with you, your children, even teachers.